Saturday, 2 October 2010


Loop were a British band hailing from London, lasting only from 1986 to 1991. They gained recognition quickly from the underground scene of the time and the Late Great Mr John Peel (that man was always on the fucking money. There is also a Peel Session of this song). The bands sound was somewhere between a sort of pre-shoegaze sound and discordant art-rock, and released three great albums. Their finest moment was arguably "Collision", a stand-alone 7 inch from 1988 which got to no. 4 in the UK Indie Charts and no. 40 in John Peel's "Festive Fifty" of the same year. On this track, the band hit on an entirely different groove, combining the minimalistic repetitive grooves of CAN with the raw primitive metal of Sabbath and the eerie vibe of Suicide to create a something unlike anything else. It is a track that can be called both Arty and Metal, and this is one of the few examples when this combination is actually great and not a complete bore. But all of this over-analysing can take away from the simple fact that the song rocks like a Mofo. Its just a glorious Rock song. All three of their albums are great and are definitely worth checking out too, particularly final album "A Guilded Eternity".

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